Interaction Design, 2018

During my residency at Tianjin Western Art Museum in China, I visited nearby cities including Beijing, Tangshan, Qianan, Xingtai, and Handan. Shocked by the scenes of massive steel factories, power plants, smoggy streets, and impacted cultural traditions, I extensively documented my experiences by taking photos/video clips and collecting Air Quality Index (AQI) reports on the cities I visited. Through the use of the data collected from China and Leap Motion technology, this interactive design project aimed to foster a greater awareness of the environmental crisis and cultural changes in contemporary China. This work was also the result of my investigation into user-centered design approaches and gesture recognition technologies.

This project can be experienced here, however, it was not intended to be mobile friendly (it has to be full screen on a desktop) and some features may not work without the use of a Leap Motion controller.